Summer activities 2018

There are more and more different activities offered on Paros from year to year,
which makes it more and more difficult to overview them all.

For example:

* Exhibitions 
* events and celebrations of the different villages 
* dance presentations 
* dance-parties
* life music-events  
* sport-activities, for example Greek-, Latin- and other dance-lessons, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi 
* different kinds of massages 
* painting-lessons 
… and many more activities. 
Not to forget the various activities for younger and elder children- highly appreciated by the parents, of course.

To make all of these these activities more transparent for everybody,
who is connected to the island as a local (permanent) resident or tourist, we decided to create a special page
for a selection of the mentioned activities.
This page will slowly slowly start to become active end of 2017, around 11th of December,
and it will be fully at work before Easter 2018.

*** Info for activities-providers ***

>>>  please contact me (+30-6979 3534 01) to speak about a successful presentation of your activities here at this page. <<<