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The magic of our island is softly touching all of us having the luck of experience it.

The restaurant owners try to use this asset and create an atmosphere of peace, balance,
romance and some sort of a wellness-feeling....

They also satisfy your sense of taste.
This combination is making Paros so unique.

Well done Mauri & Laura: atmosphere, food and kindness is just perfect!
Born from the passion of Mauri and Laura for the good kitchen: two Italians from Bologna and Modena,
that have fallen in love with this marvelous island.

They have decided to change life definitely, moving themselves to this heaven. Bacco's proposes an I
talian cuisine with particular predilection for Emilian dishes. 
Our wooden boards with Emilian salumi and Italian cheeses are daily accompanied by the Tigelles made with natural
yeast and flour of superior Italian quality'.
Our wines: a selection of historical Italian wines, from all Italian regions, like Prosecco of Valdobbiadene,
Lambrusco from Mondena, Chianti from Tuscany, Primitivo and Malvasia from Salento and others,
that you can find in their wine card.
Also the pasta (Dececco and Garofalo brands) rigorously only fresh cooked for you when you order,
represents the real taste of Italian cusine: with different sauces like Amatriciana, Carbonara, Bolognese ragu,
but also dishes with fish are very appreciated. Really new from this year, directly from Puglia: ‘the sea salumi’,
Carpacci of swordfish, tuna and ricciola. 
Don’t forget to try Cotoletta Della Mamma: about 500-600 gr of meat served on a wooden board. 
But Bacco’s doesn’t forget also Vegetarian people, who can find some particular dedicated dishes.
What about our location? You can enjoy every evening a beautiful sunset directly from the tables close to
the beach of Kato Yalo, or if you prefer, from the veranda.


84400 Paros
Tel:+30  690 671 4016

opening hours
Monday - Sunday
18:30 - 00:00


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