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Submitted by fjuergens on Saturday, September 09 2017

If you work so many decades successfully in Paroika, you have to be very special.
Andreas, the owner of Aeoli, is experienced enough to know, what his guests like.


He always takes the time to exchange some nice words with everybody.

He has a very positive personality and loves the direct contact which gives him also
inputs for improving permanently.

Even after years he knows what his guests who come year by year really like.
Last time I was there, I met a man who comes to Aeoli since 28 years.
The relationship between Andreas and him was very special.

I observed similar situations many times. Nearly all of his team work since a very long time for him:
this is another prove for me that he is really an honest and good person. Ah, by the way:
the food is really great! Living in Naoussa all year long, Andreas has all the contacts to buy meat,
fish and anything else in high quality, which is very important for him.

Come and try and say hello to Andreas from me…



84300 Paros
Tel: 22840 – 244 29

opening hours

Monday to Sunday
11:30 - 01:00



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