This page is designed for Parians, residents living on Paros nearly the whole year-
and for people from all over the world visiting Paros more often or first time. 

You will hopefully get (new) ideas to have a good time at places, I can really recommend
as a person, living on Paros `full time´ and knowing the island for 41 years now.

The successful start of this idea was already 2016 on Facebook:  
summer 2017 was already the second year:
and now we have Facebook- and this page here. 

The selected restaurants and bars are all well known by me personally, most of them for
many years, some of them since starting their business 20 or 30 years ago- or even longer.

My criteria: Good quality of food and drinks for reasonable prices, nice or interesting location
and atmosphere, friendly and good service.

At the places, I selected, you will not be a ´money-machine´ as a guest, but you are
welcome as a `person´. The owners will be happy if you feel comfortable and they will be proud
if you tell them that you liked it.

You will find here a lots of information about the restaurants and bars, you will be informed
also about various events, special dishes or drinks- and anyhow about everything, which makes this,…
this… or this restaurant or bar unique and worth to visit many times.

I am not really a friend of general and impersonal `bla-bla´ about the recommendations:
According to my life-philosophy I try to give you very personal statements,
which are my opinion and my feelings about the places:

Please click the photos to read my photo-comments. 

Be so nice and communicate with the waiters and waitresses and the owners,
they will appreciate this:

a warm smile or some kind words makes everybody happier…