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The idea
Submitted by fjuergens on Thursday, August 31 2017

The `off-season-time´ on Paros is long: Most tavernas, bars and coffee-places are closed. Less events. 

The (about 800!) `permanent´ residents are living spread out all over the island.
To get in touch with `new´ people, especially from other countries, is not always easy.
But with us this will be easy!

From October until May we offer meeting possibilities for all the residents living on Paros nearly the whole year round,
and we organize special workshops and events. And we also motivate you to stay fit in winter.

`Parea´ is difficult to translate. The word `friends´ comes slightly close…                                                                      

Join us! Let us create a unique `world of Parea´ together: for the happiness and the benefit of all of us!

                                       Why PAREA? A short journey through my thoughts…

I come to Paros for 40 years and live here for about 10 years now. And I am not the only one! I got the information that even much more than 600 `foreigners’ decided to live here nearly all year round.
Some things, what I observed over all the years and what I know from my own experience:

1. We live in a foreign country: the Greek language at the beginning is not so easy to learn- but without speaking Greek it is more difficult to get in closer touch with Parians.
Especially the elder people of course never learned to speak English, so communication is difficult.
What a pity! They have so much to tell about the former times on Paros, and they are very often real philosophers with
a great sense of life.

2. It is essential to know as much as possible about life here, happenings, social and political affairs on Paros,
the Cyclades and Greece in general.
Why? The more we know, the more we feel (and are!) integrated. And we understand more about our new `home’ and feel automatically more secure, informed and for sure happier. 

3. It is obvious and logic: every resident first tries to get in touch with people from his origin country.
Same language, same mentality, automatically many common topics to talk about, …

To tell you the truth: for me this is not enough! I dare to come to know as many different mentalities as
possible and I dare to `understand’ as much about Greece as possible: mentality, life-style, way of thinking, …
I live HERE now and this doesn`t mean for me only sun and sea and going always to the same places to eat and drink
because they know me there already…

Don`t misunderstand me: I am not criticizing all this at all: this is the first and most important step to get along in a new country!
And the second (and much more difficult!) step is the reason, I created PAREA: to make it easier for all of us to feel 100 % comfortable here on Paros, to come to know more (and different) people, to learn something, being important to feel good- and to have some kind of easy fitness and dance-programs to stay healthy especially in winter-times, and have on the same time a lot of fun `together’

I needed pretty long to find an adequate system for offering you a great variety of activities, possibilities to come together and do interesting things together being of a certain value for all of us. 

It also took some time to find good teachers. I know them all personally and I know that they are highly qualified: as teachers and- very important- as persons… 
They all have something in common: They like and support the idea - and they get well paid, to keep them motivated and happy, too! Anyhow: If you want to have good people, you have to invest, right?

The calculation of the different packages was very difficult: not to be expensive, so everybody can afford to join, depending on what he wants to do, and on the other hand covering all the costs, disregarding the tremendous amount of time I have spent so far.
And not to forget the 24 % VAT, which has to be included in the prices, too…
I think I did a good job: you can choose `your’ package from 15 Euros (just membership with a lot of advantages) up to 65 Euros for doing as many workshops as you like.

I hope was able to give you an impression why I am doing PAREA. And I hope that after a couple of years we all can say, that we created something very special and unusual together:

I strongly believe: together is better! So -let`s do it!   


Please contact us for more information and ask for the different kinds of memberships:

 Tel: (0030) 6979 3534 01                                                                            
 PAREA - Paros Residents Activities” and “Kay Will” ( Kay Fotografos) 

The idea

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