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The different memberships
Submitted by Redaktion on Sunday, August 27 2017

We tried to fix really good and affordable prices for you:

Despite of the taxes (24 % VAT and other taxes) we have to pay from the membership fees,
and despite of a tremendous amount of organization-work to `fix` the workshops, find businesses
which will give you discounts with your Parea-member-card,
organize excursions and great dinner-nights for you.

The different membership-fees give everybody the chance to join us:
We want that as many persons as possible
can take advantage of the great advantages being a PAREA-member.

PAREA is designed for the benefit of every foreign resident,
who lives here part- or full-time:

Our dream is to create a real PAREA-society, with a lot of power, energy and fun. 

We know that it will need a longer period of time to make profit from PAREA.
But believe us:
this is not our main target: Kay Fotografos, the founder of PAREA,
loves the island and still is an idealist:
he is always trying to please the people around him and make them feel happy.

Come and share with us his great idea!

The different memberships

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