Photo-workshops: groups & private
Submitted by fjuergens on Sunday, August 27 2017

Learn to see through my eyes.
Learn how to express what you see.
Learn to develop and follow your individual style. 

You like photography, but you are not really content with the results- and you think,
maybe better to buy another camera…?

You think you will be a better driver if you have a better and faster car…?
For sure not…! 

Even with `normal´, inexpensive cameras you can take good photos: You need just a few basics to learn- and you will be surprised about your new results… 

Learn, how to see…. learn how to select from what you see…learn how to photograph what you see…learn how to play with light…learn how to make a good and creative composition…learn basics about taking nice photos of people…learn how to use flash-even in daylight…
Get some of my secrets, for example about photographing people, architecture, still-life or nature…

Necessary theory-basics, you really need to know. This will need about 2 hours.
Photo-shooting together at a selected location. Checking your `results´ on my computer, discussing them together and learning how to make small corrections, which improve your photos a lot, only by using simple correction-programs from Windows.

The group-workshops: maximum 6-8 persons.
The private workshops: 1-2 persons.

Duration of the workshops: from half day to full day: depends on what we are doing and how many persons we are.


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