Advertising photography
Submitted by fjuergens on Monday, August 28 2017

Advertising photography

This is the photography, which I studied.

Studio photography: 
working with different flashes on tripods, working with analog-cameras (with film), from `normal ‘size film until large format cameras (Sinar-cameras: size of the films/sides: 9 x 12 cm or even 18 x 24 cm…).
Total sharpness and top quality was demanded, and absolute perfect compositions: I love this work, especially product-shooting, relatively small subjects on a light table, like wine bottles and others- see the gallery.

On Location:
Fashion, people, architecture, ….with full flashes, fill-in flashes, daylight….

Advertising photography It is still the most difficult photography-field I worked on- and still the most fascinating one for me: I like the perfection…
I learned to `work out´ one photo sometimes about 8 hours- or even longer, to make it a nearly perfect one: the feeling, when you have an acceptable result, is not possible to describe.

The gallery of my advertising-photography will give you an impression of my sudio- and on location work:
Sorry for the small sizes: nearly all of the photos are scanned years ago from slides-so the quality of the gallery pics is not the best:
The originals are slides with the mimum size of 6x7 cm (Mamiya RB 67 and RZ 67, middle size cameras) or also 9x12 cm (Sinar, large format cameras).


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