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Kay Fotografos

Born years ago in Germany. German passport, but `Mixed Salad´: a mix of Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish, French, Russian- and Greek (Athens).

After mid-exams at university in law and economics, I found out, that photography is THE passion of my life.
I learned advertising-photography in the US, returned back to Germany and immediately
opened up an advertising agency with an attached photo-studio, with a Brazilian graphic-designer as a partner. 

Besides that I was teaching body language, as a result of one of my hobbies: psychology.
One passion never comes alone: The love for Greece was increasing year by year, and the decision to move
to Paros was a consequent one, which I never regretted.

Bettina, my wife, was an international competition dancer for 19 years, in Latin- and Ballroom-dances.
So it had a certain logic to build up the `Paros Dance Academy´ on our beloved island, which was of course a new
and strange activity-field for me, but only challenges challenge- and I love that.

Besides working of course also on Paros in photography, I create my own challenges in building up
new ideas, as for example Facebook-pages, like `Recommended bars & restaurants on Paros´ and others.
I am also in the process of creating the new institution `PAREA- Paros Residents Activities´.

At the moment I am working on extending the new internet-portal `ParosVibes´, which you are facing right now-
and other special projects.
I am also getting more and more into advertising-consulting, trying to pass over my knowledge and
my skills about advertising in general.  

Back to photography: I enjoy teaching as well as taking pictures, and offer photography-workshops for groups or individuals.
Maybe the time will come to have more time: ideas and plans of unusual photography-projects and books are ready to sail…only God knows, when…

My photography-philosophy:
“Less is more”
“Photography is a Greek origin word and means `writing with light´. And this is my priority.” 
“My photos try to express my inner balance: like harmony, peaceful silence, atmosphere, ….”
“I guess, I might be the only professional photographer in the world, who is not using Photoshop.”

My life-philosophy: 
“Think positive, live positive- and infect as many as possible with that”
“Never stop learning, seeing, laughing, enjoying others around us. And do that every day.”
“In that difficult times, we live in, we have the obligation to try to make others happy”
“Follow your dreams”


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