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‘Business-life off season´

‘Business-life off season´ 

In the long off-season time the business on Paros is different without all the tourists:
but on the other hand more and more foreigners (about 600!) for example stay on Paros nearly constantly. 

And even the Locals don’t always know, what the shops and he services have to offer,
because no business can afford to advertise every month for at least about 100 Euros or more,
to attract special offers, discounts and services.


And this are the reasons, we created this page: to make the business-life on Paros more transparent and
effective for everybody- for the seller and the buyer.

Please see also our Facebook page: the business-life on Paros

We try to promote only businesses, which we know personally,
or which are recommended by closer friends.

We also try to avoid direct competitions: we don´t promote many of the same branches for example
at the same village or city. 

The selected shops and services can add here as many photos in their own gallery, as they like,
and they can promote special offers and sales, or they can just give information about what they are specialized in.
Visit this page often to be up to date and find interesting ideas for new effective and
money-saving connections on our island!

* A remark for business- and service-companies:
 If you want to join us here and on Facebook - please contact me here or on Facebook > Kay Fotografos.

Or call me directly: +30 6979 3534 01

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